At The Forum dinner celebrating the public service of Colorado's five governors, which was held November 22, a date also marking the 50-years since President Kennedy's death, Michael Dent, the senior minister of Denver's Trinity United Methodist Church, delivered the Invocation.

A Prayer of Remembrance and Gratitude

dent"Holy One, we experience you in different ways and we call you by different names – we are genuinely grateful to live “in the home of the brave and the land of the free.”  Many of us are old enough to remember where we were 50 years ago today when we learned the leader of our free land, a brave war hero, was suddenly and violently gone.  We were shocked and saddened beyond measure.  So even now we pause for a moment in memory of our 35th President, the Honorable John F. Kennedy.

"Tonight we gather in gratitude for five public servants who have led the Centennial state since 1975.  We are thankful for the dedication and determination, the values and vision, and the courage and conviction with which Governors Lamm, Romer, Owens, Ritter, and Hickenlooper have served us across 38 years and counting.  As they have dealt with challenges and changes in public education, energy, the environment, taxation, tourism, cannabis and capital punishment, they have done so with concern for the common good, and for that we are most grateful.

"They have taken risks and they have reaped rewards. And for that we are most grateful.
They have sought to govern with justice and mercy, and for that, you are most grateful!

"Thank you for these five gifted men and their public service.  Bless them and their families this cold Colorado night.  May the food and drink, and the conversations and tributes we share in this most special time together bring warm memories, happy hearts, and lasting honor to those whose governance has benefitted the lives of so many for so long, and left a lasting legacy of leadership that is deserving of genuine celebration!

"Thank you for calling all of us in the past, the present, and the future… to do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly with you and one another.

"In your holy name we pray.
22 November 2013